About Me

Hi I’m Sara. I’ve successfully managed and directed a wide range of organizations and projects across the globe. These include the development of two international non-profits, and the implementation of celebrity-based campaigns for animal activism.

My passion for project management, marketing, and public relations began when I met my husband – 5-time Olympic water polo player Tony Azevedo – as a Stanford University undergraduate.  The best professional water polo is played outside the United States. For 12 years I joined Tony to live abroad in Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, and Brazil. Early on, I seized the opportunity to manage Tony’s extensive PR agenda. In addition, I worked with him and other professionals to conceptualize, fundraise, and create Azevedo Water Polo– an organization at the forefront of water polo innovation and expansion. 

I was born and raised in Mexico City, the child of an American mother and a Mexican father. Bilingual from a young age, I attended international schools and travelled extensively. When living abroad with Tony, I made a similar effort to learn the language of each new country we called home, and worked to enrich the local community. In Montenegro I networked with the managers of Porto Montenegro (a world-famous luxury marina village), in order to create a business development plan for their Sports Club. In Croatia, I was granted a professorship at the University of Dubrovnik, where I developed novel journalism and media/public relations graduate courses that addressed local issues. 

In 2016 Tony retired and we have permanently moved to Long Beach California (with our two children). I now work as Managing Director for Azevedo Water Polo and Managing Director for our new company, 6-8 Sports Inc.

Please contact me to learn more about how we can collaborate.