I am going to devote a whole post to Agriturismos-- one of my favorite things to do in Italy on a lazy Sunday.  I first discovered agriturismos when my husband Tony and I lived in the Italian city of Cremona, known for the invention of the Stradivarius violin and for excellent cuisine.

Agriturismos are essentially farms that are also restaurants and serve food grown or raised on the premises.  They are often hotels as well (the word "agriturismo" is a combination of "agriculture" and "tourism").  Many people vacation and stay at an agriturismo for a long period of time, something like an Italian farm retreat.

Meals at agriturismos are meant to be long and slow.  Be prepared to eat whatever it is that they are serving that day-- you know it is going to be fresh and local!.  Agriturismos are one of the few places that I don't mind eating meat, because you see how well the animals are cared for and the love and pride with which all dishes are prepared.

The best parts of visiting agriturismos are meeting the family that runs the farm, eating the delicious food, and getting to spend as much time as you want exploring the property.  Tony and I used to always order digestivos (after-dinner drinks-- or after lunch) and then head out and visit with some of the animals or just relax outside.

If you are visiting Italy, the best way to find agriturismos is to ask the locals.  They might require a little drive but it will definitely be worth it.