The Ultimate Mango


A delicious and ripe mango is probably one of my favorite things to eat.  Every time I visit my parents in Mexico City during mango season, I eat a large quantity of this wonderful fruit, partly because my Dad, Carlos, is an expert at cutting and preparing them.  I finally decided it was time to learn the trick of the trade myself, so I asked my Dad  to explain the simple steps: What You'll Need:

1 ripe mango

a mango fork (or you can use a regular fork with thin prongs)

a sharp knife

a plate

How To Do It:

1) Pick up the mango in one hand and forcefully insert the fork into the base of the mango with the other hand-- you are trying to get the prongs to latch into the pit. 

2) Hold the fork in your left hand and place the point of the mango down on the plate.

3) Take the knife and insert the tip into the mango very close to where the fork is.  Slice down vertically until you reach the point of the mango.  Repeat and make another slice a few centimeters away from the first.  Keep slicing and rotating the mango around until the whole thing is sliced.  Take note that you only need to slice as deep as the skin-- don't go into the flesh.

4) Take one of the slices from the top between your thumb and the knife and pull down so that the skin comes off.  Repeat this with each slice of the skin, until they all are removed.  

5) Once all the slices of skin are free from the mango and on the plate, you can throw them out.  The mango is ready to eat like a big popsicle!  Either eat it immediately or cover it in tin foil and place in the freezer.  Whenever you decide to take it out to enjoy, it will be like a giant mango ice cream bar--- yum!!!